Designed For The Life Of The Gentry

This small community of 8 luxurious homes encorporates all elements of family life yet lovingly crafted with the highest bespoke standards of quality. Designed to cater for every lifestyle one can imagine, Mews Yen Akat by Raimon Land offers the flexibility and poise that gives every resident the ultimate inner-city living experience.

The exterior form blends outstanding materials and lush greenery to reflect the essence of modern, tropical, inner-city living with ample natural light, loft space, swimming pool, rooftop garden and grounds.

The interior provides an opulent layout beyond compare, courtesy of a Circulation Access System, including a private lift, which connects multiple expansive living areas and gardens over 4 storeys.

Every facet has been considered, from the double-height first floor blending living, dining, kitchen and outdoor space seamlessly; to secluded bedrooms and bathrooms; and a unique indoor workshop and garage, complete with runway lights.

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